The secret to Japanese cat's body odor

Many Japanese people love and enslave cats, just like any other nation in the world. In Japan, there is a good story. With cats, including books, anime, magazines and TV shows As well as the character of the cat that the Japanese people learn and transmit. Come to know the secret about the smell of the cat from the Japanese people.
Did you know that cats are animals without body odor?
Despite having hair, cats do not sweat through their pores. It makes no body odor like dogs or other pets where bacteria on the skin turn sweat into body odor. Cats have specific sweat glands along their paws and nose. Therefore, the body odor of the cat is very little and almost none. Besides not sweating on its body, the cat always licks and cleans itself. Cat saliva has the ability to eliminate body odor, thus keeping the cat clean.
Why do cat owners often smell cats like pancakes, sunshine, soap or fabric softener?
Most cat owners feel their cats smell like pancakes, cookies or milk and butter, for example.This is because cats have a similar fat and protein content to cows. Therefore, it is not unusual for cats to smell like milk and butter pastries as an ingredient.
The smell of the sun is because cats like to sleep in the sun Either directly or through a glass window. Animal fur has one property: it will smell when heated. Sunbathing therefore warms the fur of the cat until it smells sunny.
The resulting scent, soap, or fabric softener is due to the fact that the cat has a dense and thick coat. And the space between the hairs will absorb the smell So when cats sleep on fabric that has been washed and softened, the softener"s fragrance is absorbed in the space between their fur. In addition, the fragrance from the owner"s hand cream that was sent to the cat"s fur from stroking them was also absorbed.
When does a cat smell?
Smelly cats are due to a physical abnormality from oral or ear inflammation. Therefore, it is best to take the cat to the veterinarian. Because usually cats are animals that do not smell bad.
You"ve got an answer, right? Because cats don"t have body odor Anyone who has a cat at home, can smell it as well.
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